Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailEgon Mahr

Egon Mahr

Egon Mahr grew up obsessed with aircraft.

He worked on weekends and school holidays to pay for flying lessons. He soloed at age 16, had his private pilots license by 17 and was flying in the Royal Australian Air Force by 19. During his time in the RAAF, he flew the BAC 1-11, HS 748, Dassault Mirage, Macchi, CT4 and CAC Winjeel.

After nine years of military service, he joined Qantas Airways, where he has been for 26 years, with the last 15 years as Captain on the Boeing 747 and Airbus A330. Egon also found time to become involved with competition aerobatics, winning an Australian title along the way. It was at that time he bought a Sukhoi SU-26 and became fascinated with Eastern Bloc aircraft.

Having met Lindsay Sinclair of Red Star Aviation fame, they hatched a plan to build a Super Nanchang from the ground up. Lindsay spent eight months full time working his magic and built arguably the best Nanchang "China Doll" in the southern hemisphere. Lindsay invited Egon and his new aircraft onto the Team in 2002, where he has been happily enjoying display flying ever since.

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  • The Brisbane Airshow 2021 Tickets

    The Brisbane Airshow, set in the stunning Somerset region 60 minutes from Brisbane, will create memories that last a lifetime.

    Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, 801 Cressbrook-Caboombah Road