Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailWaco Classic

Waco Classic

This plane is a seamless hybrid of both the old and new. While the aircraft itself is a longstanding design, the technology enabling many essential systems has been upgraded and modernised. Stay warm and protected while the breeze shoots by, and take in the amazing views while cruising the skies. 

WACO initially was the abbreviation for Weaver Aviation Company of Ohio, incorporated in 1919. This original design was favored by the 1930’s executive businessman and barnstormer, and was popular for services including private use and postal services. The aircraft company is still in operation to this day, hand crafting a select few of these aircraft each year for discerning owners.

Weight: Empty 2,238 lbs., Max Takeoff 2,877 lbs.
Wing Span: 30ft. 6.25in.
Length: 25ft. 5in.
Height: 8ft. 10.25in.
Maximum Speed: 223 mph
Range: 310 miles
Armament: None
Number Built: 1,800+
Number Still Airworthy: 1,200+

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